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Care Instructions


Our shoes come ready to wear. However, we strongly advise against wearing them in inclement weather. If the fine leather upper is exposed to rain or salt, then it may irreversibly distort the hand-dyed patina. When a leather sole becomes wet it is more vulnerable to abrasive surfaces, such as concrete, which will expedite wear. Some people choose to add or purchase a rubber sole, but please note that having a rubber sole does not make shoes impervious or insusceptible to inclement weather conditions. Again, to avoid these issues from arising we advise against wearing our products in these weather conditions all together.

Please take great caution around products that contain alcohol, such as hand sanitizer. Concentrated amounts of alcohol will strip dye from the leather within seconds causing severe discoloration. In the event of this, the entire shoe will have to be stripped and dyed again.


The most important part of your shoe care regimen is using a properly fitting shoe tree. Your feet have approximately 250,000 sweat glands which produce an average of 8 ounces of sweat every day. Poplar shoe trees absorb moisture from the lining which protects the leather from breaking down over time. Shoe trees also help maintain the original shape to prevent curling and deep creases. It's important to alternate the shoes you wear every day. A regular rotation gives them adequate time to dry and increases their lifespan.


Condition and polish the upper to keep leather healthy and protected. Moisturized leather equals resilient leather. The appearance and lifespan of your shoes directly correlate with how well you maintain them.


It is important to clean the surface to prevent dirt from being ground into the leather. For routine cleaning, you can brush your shoes using a horsehair brush or microfiber cloth. If your shoes have heavy stains (wine, oil, etc.), then you may need to use a leather cleaner first. Please beware of strong cleaners as they could strip the color from the hand-dyed patina. Consult a local repair expert if you are unsure of what cleaning products to use.


Once you have removed dirt and debris, condition the upper with shoe cream. This step adds healthy oils to the leather that keep it from drying and cracking. With a microfiber cloth, apply a dime-size amount of shoe cream to the leather in small circular strokes. Pro tip: After applying shoe cream to the surface, use a pig hair brush to work it deeper into the pores.


This final step acts as a clear coat which helps repel small amounts of water and debris. With your microfiber cloth, evenly apply a thin layer of polish in small circular motions. Use a clean microfiber cloth to buff the surface to a mild shine. Pro tip: After applying shoe polish to the surface, use a pig hair brush to work it deeper into the pores.


If you desire a greater level of shine, then you can apply additional layers of polish. After each layer of polish, apply a few drops of purified water to the surface and rapidly brush with your horsehair brush. Friction from the brush strokes is key to creating a better shine. Once the shoe is shined to your satisfaction, use a fresh microfiber cloth for a final polish.

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